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    Glenwood Elementary becomes a bilingual magnet school

    Chapel Hill’s oldest elementary school, Glenwood, will become a magnet school for the English-Mandarin Dual Language Program, as voted by the school board Sept. 20. This decision was controversial and was met with some backlash by the community. Glenwood, opened in 1953, has been a big part of Chapel Hill history. The school was desegregated in the late 1950’s and early 60’s and has evolved into one of the most diverse schools in the area, catalyzed by the introduction of the Mandarin program in 2002. The program has English-speaking students learning Mandarin, and Mandarin-speaking children learning English, allowing for cross-cultural integration from a young age. Throughout the years, a select…

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    America needs to change how it approaches drugs

    It’s been 47 years since President Nixon launched his infamous “war on drugs” political strategy, and so far it’s done little to help America’s drug crisis. Not only has the war on drugs been ineffective, it has been incredibly expensive, costing over a trillion of taxpayer dollars. Almost all of the American presidents since Nixon have adopted the war on drugs, and have maintained the racially-charged policies used for dealing with narcotics. America can’t fix the drug issue by approaching it with a warlike strategy. Instead, we need to treat drug usage as a social issue if we truly want change, offer treatment instead of incarceration, and decriminalize all narcotics.…

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    Important and influential musical artists that died in 2017

    2017 saw the loss of a number of influential musical artists, many of which are unheard of by younger generations. Despite this, many of the musicians that died in 2017 have shaped the music world into what it is today, and deserve to be recognized. Today we consider rock to be one of the main genres of music, but it couldn’t have gotten to the level of success it has today without the people that shaped it. Chuck Berry was one of the pioneers of rock ‘n’ roll, whose onstage charisma and resonating voice helped him to become one of the first rock hits. His unique guitar style was influenced…

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    Earthquake strikes in the Middle East

    On the northern border between Iran and Iraq, a politically complex region, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the night of Sunday, November 12, killing hundreds and injuring thousands more. The epicenter of the earthquake was located near Halabja, Iraq, although most of the victims were Iranian. The majority of deaths were in the town of Sarpol-e Zahab, Iran, located near the Iranian-Iraqi border. Around six hundred deaths were recorded, although some sources report almost one thousand deaths, and about seven thousand people were injured. Tremors from the earthquake were felt far and wide, reaching Turkey and even Pakistan, a thousand miles away. As this region is situated along a…

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    The Order of Gimghoul, in the heart of Chapel Hill, remains a mystery

    The Order of Gimghoul is a secret society located in the heart of Chapel Hill. Little is known about what its purpose is, or who is a part of it. Secret meetings are held in a large stone castle on the crest of a hill. The society has been a source of Chapel Hill lore for almost two hundred years, yet its origins are shrouded in secrecy. Mystery always lurks, and that is no exception for the Order of Gimghoul. The secret society is rich in obscurity from its origins, to its members, and to the castle itself. The society was not originally called The Order of Gimghoul. Originally named…