The rise of self-care products signifies a cultural shift

By: Kayla Merriweather Juggling school, sports, extracurriculars, and sleep is a big weight for high schoolers to withstand. As a result, many seek ways to alleviate stress in a pleasurable way that is also somewhat constructive. The increasing popularity of self-care products has swept the East student body, with females being the primary users. The Continue Reading

First annual Kenzie Jump-A-Thon is a success

By: Kayla Merriweather Even Winter Storm Helena couldn’t put a stop to the first annual International Jump-A-Thon Honoring Kenzie Ruston. Although the event was scheduled for Jan. 6 at University Mall, the mall’s closing prompted the Jump-A-Thon to be moved to the Bouncing Bulldogs’ gym in the Timberlyne Shopping Center. Despite this unforeseen mishap, the Continue Reading

Carolina women’s basketball perseveres

By: Kayla Merriweather The Carolina women’s basketball team has experienced a topsy turvy year. While the team is ripe with young talent and seasoned veterans, several possible wins have slipped out of reach in the final minutes. At first glance, their 12-7 overall record reflects a competitive team with room for improvement. The team came Continue Reading

Department stores fall short due to growing e-commerce

By: Kayla Merriweather A lackluster 2016 holiday sales season combined with the rise of e-commerce spells doom for many department stores in 2017. Macy’s employees across the nation are holding their breath, as the chain plans to close 68 store locations, eliminating more than 10,000 jobs. The Macy’s at Northgate Mall in Durham is one Continue Reading

Having a Sibling at the Same School Exemplifies the Importance of Family

By: Kayla Merriweather  At East, one can find a multitude of siblings. This poses one question that is not often asked: how does having a sibling at the same school affect the high school experience? The ECHO has asked freshman-senior sibling pairings to get their perspectives. In school, academic expectations can vary because of the Continue Reading

Kolors are Kewl

By: Kayla Merriweather Have you ever looked out the window on a Monday morning, seen the bright yellow sun, and smiled despite knowing that school was soon approaching? Is it insanity? No! It’s science! Color psychology describes the way colors affect people’s moods and have different meanings in various cultures. For example, the color blue Continue Reading