Olympic Hockey Preview

Since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) first allowed National Hockey League (NHL) players to participate in the Winter games in 1998, Olympic hockey has been seen as the pinnacle of the sport, with talent-laden teams, great goals, and exciting games. However, the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang will be a completely different experience, with no NHL Continue Reading

MLS Shifts Focus Towards Youth

America’s Major League Soccer (MLS), has long had a reputation for being a retirement league, home to aging European stars such as David Beckham, Andrea Pirlo, and Frank Lampard. However, spearheaded by expansion clubs such as Atlanta United FC and LAFC, the league is looking raise its quality of play and shed that reputation by Continue Reading

Doug Jones wins Alabama Senate Race

In a monumental and historic victory for the Democratic Party, Democratic candidate Doug Jones defeated his controversial Republican opponent Roy Moore in the 2017 Alabama Special Congressional Election. The election was for the seat of former Alabama Congressman Jeff Sessions, who vacated it after he was appointed Head of the Department of Justice by President Continue Reading

FCC moves to end Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission, lead by Chairman Ajit Pai, revealed a sweeping plan for the ending of Net Neutrality on Tuesday, November 21. The decision, which has sparked monumental outrage from citizens all across the political spectrum, would limit federal regulation of the internet, remove the internet’s classification as a public utility, and give greater Continue Reading

Mandate Test Corrections

At some point in the journey from kindergarten to high school graduation, every kid reaches a point when they begin to feel like education is no longer about growth and learning, rather, about cramming and grades. At East, this realization usually comes about two weeks into freshman year. For all of East’s academic prowess, there’s Continue Reading