The Iran Protests

Iran has always been a major center of discontent and revolution in the Middle East since the Cold War. Beginning with the election protests of 2009, Iran’s regime has begun to experience major social unrest against political repression and economic crisis. On 28 December, 2017, massive anti-government protests erupted in Mashhad, the second largest city Continue Reading

China Bans the Ivory Trade

The ivory market is the staple financial backer of the illegal poaching industry and the primary reason for its existence. Recently, the international community has begun to ban the legal ivory market in order to reduce poaching. Continuing this trend, on December 31, 2017, the Chinese government formally began to enforce a ban on the Continue Reading

Republicans pass new tax plan

Less than a month ago President Donald Trump’s administration celebrated the anniversary of his election victory. On November 2nd, the Republican Party introduced for the first time a new GOP bill, which if put in place, will lower the corporate tax rate by 20-35%. “We’re working to give the American people a giant tax cut Continue Reading