Progression Climbing creates community at East

Progression Climbing is Chapel Hill’s only premiere bouldering gym. Bouldering is one of climbing’s most rapidly growing factions, it gains support due to its requirement of big moves, jumps, flexible contortions, and parkour-style routes. Bouldering is a faction of climbing in which the climber “sends” or summits a climb that is no more than about Continue Reading

DSI, for a free laugh

The highly passable and inconspicuous building standing close to the corner of Franklin and Roberson Street houses a lesser-known staple of Chapel Hill nightlife. Dirty Southern Improv (DSI) is a standup, sketch, and improv club that features local comedians and groups. Unknown to most, DSI offers spectacular free shows on Friday and Saturday nights which Continue Reading

New service hopes to be the eco-friendly future of transportation

Traffic congestion and limited parking in downtown Chapel Hill often deter potential shoppers and diners, an issue not uncommon to growing urban areas. Slidr, a new Asheville-based transportation company, hopes to act as a mediator by offering short complementary and energy-efficient rides in downtown areas. For now, it is only available in Asheville and Raleigh. Continue Reading