The New Year Might Bring the Combination of Amazon and Target

In the current days centered around consumerism, there isn’t much surprise when large companies buy other companies. In the past, numerous corporations have combined with other companies, creating a “super-force” in the market. Recently, the world was shocked into disarray when Gene Munster, of Loup Ventures predicted that Amazon would buy Target in 2018. Further Continue Reading

Lower the drinking age

An eighteenth birthday is a milestone, the beginning of adulthood and freedom, but with these freedoms come responsibilities. There are expectations to vote, find a job, and register for selective service. A person who has access to a gun and can be drafted, should be responsible enough to have alcohol. Additionally parents are unable to Continue Reading

The NCAA bribery scandal

by Kate Beisner The corrupt underbelly of college basketball was exposed late September, when multiple NCAA basketball coaches were arrested under charges of fraud. An FBI investigation of the coaches began in 2015, and is currently still in effect Investigators were able to observe coaches accepting money to send NBA players to specific sport agents Continue Reading