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    Wildcat Diving team bolstered by student leadership

    By Morganne Staring Wildcat Diving is looking to make a splash this season with new coach Ben Herboth and experienced divers like junior Jackson Boyer and seniors Maddie Jones, Wesley Cochran, and Charlie Retter. Some teams that fall under new leadership struggle to find their footing, but East’s diving team was fortunate enough to find a coach who knows the ins and outs of the sport. “The divers like him because he knows diving and what he is talking about,” Jones said of Herboth. Wildcat Diving is also fortunate to have strong student leadership on the team this year, featuring Jones and Cochran as captains. “We have really good divers…

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    Occupational Course of Study offers alternative diploma pathway

    By Morganne Staring The purpose of high school is to prepare students for the next steps in their lives. This fact may seem obvious, but many East students have unwittingly fallen victim to a common misconception: that high school is meant to get students into college. While it is an inarguable fact that the majority of East’s graduates will enter a four-year degree program, college is only one of many paths students at East can choose to take. To prepare students whose next step is their career, East offers an alternate diploma pathway known as the Occupational Course of Study (OCS). The decision to assign a student to the OCS…

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    Abundance of field trips in spring creates conflict for students

    By Morganne Staring As the school year winds down, more field trips are cropping up and getting students out of the classroom. While these unstandardized excursions offer both a hands-on learning experience and welcome respite for students, the absences they generate can interrupt progress during this critical period before exams and finals. Indeed, AP exams are looming ahead, pressuring teachers and students to power through the last bits of information and review at a breakneck pace. Miss just a few classes and one runs the risk of drowning in make-up work. Unfortunately, since catching up mandates such exhaustive effort, some students simply cannot or will not do so.

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    Softball moves forward after loss to Chapel Hill

    By Morganne Staring With a record of 4-7 in the conference, Lady Wildcat softball is down but by no means out. “We have not won as much as we wanted, but we aren’t bad,” said junior outfielder Maddie Jones. “We are a good team if I do say so myself.” A pivotal 5-3 loss against East’s arch rival, Chapel Hill High, on April 20 may have been enough to motivate the team to reach new heights as it moves forward through the season. While match-ups against the Tigers are momentous for every East sport, they are particularly so for softball. East varsity softball had maintained dominance over Chapel Hill for…

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    Sleep deprivation pervades East’s academic culture

    By Morganne Staring For many high school students, sleep is dangerously overlooked and indeed eclipsed by homework, extracurriculars, and social plans. Unfortunately, this “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” philosophy could have adverse health effects serious enough to bring that dying day closer than expected. Studies have shown that while teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep per night, most get fewer than seven. With all of the 21st century’s medical advances, how has this nightmare become a reality? Over time, cultural values among Americans have shifted, pushing those with extensive academic or financial accomplishments to the top of the societal heap, where they are showered with respect. In such…