Megan Ellaby knows fashion

Amongst the plethora of beauty and fashion bloggers today, Megan Ellaby, a fashion communication and promotion graduate from The University of Huddersfield, is taking over the scene. Ellaby, a 25-year-old from Manchester, England, began her career as a sales and buying assistant for House of Holland in 2012. Ever since, she has worked her way Continue Reading

Journalist violence prevents free speech

Over the last 50 years, journalism has become an increasingly dangerous profession around the world. Following the killing of their third journalist, Norte, a newspaper in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico has decided to shut down. The murder of Miroslava Breach as well as five other acts of violence towards Norte staffers in March indicated that it Continue Reading

The rise of the one-and-done

In the world of college basketball, one of the greatest modern controversies is over the rise one-and-done’s. This concept refers to a player that stays in college for one year and then leaves for the NBA. While some athletes thrive under this regulation, others face a harsh reality when comparing their talent against NBA veterans. Continue Reading

“Day without Woman” strike causes CHCCS controversy

By: Olivia Cohen and Brooke Bauman In conjunction with International Women’s Day on March 8, the CHCCS district has preemptively turned Wednesday into an optional teacher-work day. The decision, while not politically affiliated, received a wide range of reactions from parents and students in the district. “Women across the nation, as well as men, will Continue Reading

He’s making dreams come true, Billy on the Street!

“Billy on the street…Billy on the street…He’s making dreams come true…Billy on the street!” For those that are unfamiliar with the opening theme of truTV’s “Billy on the Street,” the simple phrasing could not sum up the essence of comedian Billy Eichner’s comedy gameshow better.   The program follows Eichner as he parades around Manhattan Continue Reading